Thursday, August 23, 2007

really, he's happy...

One might think from the most recent pictures on flickr that my baby is never happy.

The hat fiasco was sooo funny. Not to JT, I'm sure. I'm sure it's a clue as to what his personality is going to be like. When something makes him mad, he's going to let us know it. :-)

When we got home from the mall, he had a bath. He loves bath time. I look forward to it because it's some guaranteed happy time where we don't have to figure out why he's upset. He likes hanging out without clothes, splashing in the water, getting lotioned up, and then playing with mom and dad when he's finished.

Tonight we hung out and "talked" to him after the bath. He is starting to almost smile and coo a little bit. We love the sounds that almost resemble phonics. Actually, if John has his way, this kid will be talking in just a few months.

Last night he slept from midnight to 5:30am. He usually sleeps better after a bath, and I think he just had more than 4 oz. of milk, so let's hope that we are going to get many consecutive hours of sleep tonight.

With that, I am off to bed to ensure that I am sleeping while he's sleeping.

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