Monday, August 13, 2007

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photo by Carol Miller

JT and I had some great floor time today. He was awake and not screaming for about 30 minutes. He let me read about 5 baby books to him and part of an article from Wondertime. How fun! (He usually throws a fit of hunger before I can get to page 2 of any book.)

We also went on an outing to the grocery store. Not much, but he was good the whole time and I got out of the house.

The trip to the store was to get him some medicine for gas. He's making poo now, but he sure struggles with it. He had a bowel movement this afternoon that he worked really hard for. I bawled my eyes out to see him strain so much. The medical assistant at the pediatrician's office said the anti-gas medicine should help with the straining. If it doesn't, we'll switch to a non-dairy formula for a while. The poor little guy should really be able to get through a day without pain.

Well... I sure digressed on this post. I really do obsess over my son's eating and pooping all day long, so there isn't much interesting to discuss.

Here is a story from this morning... At 5am, JT got us up to eat. John gave him a bottle and I pumped breast milk to store for another time. I grabbed the bottles from the counter that I washed last night. I dried them out, put the thing together and started pumping. Well, halfway through, I notice the one bottle has a SPIDER in it. UGH. I was SO freakin' angry. SO angry. Ruined an ounce and a half of precious breast milk... and let's not even talk about the skeeve-me-out factor of having a spider in the bottle. (No cracks on the ounce and a half... production is low, but it is what it is and I am hell-bent on keeping it up.)

Have I mentioned lately what GREAT people we have in our lives? That is a whole story for another blog post though. We have had blessings like crazy for months now. Folks have brought us food and presents for JT and all kinds of nice things. Makes us feel like we brought our son into a wonderful world!

He's falling asleep in his swing right now... have I mentioned how sweet he is when he's asleep? Love him...

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