Wednesday, August 29, 2007

step into mama's photo booth

I've done a fair amount of venting here about motherhood. Folks told me to hang in there until 6 weeks, because everything gets better then. Oh my... it does get better. I have stopped holding my breath so much, let some of the tension go.

JT smiles at us now. It's irregular, but it's not just because he's having gas. So I feel a little less like a bad parent all the time. That's how I was feeling when the only feedback I got was negative. I will try to keep this in mind when he is terrible two and only getting negative feedback from me. :-)

We still get up once a night to eat. But I have kind of gotten used to that. I will probably miss it, actually. It's special quiet time (well, quiet after I get the bottle in his mouth) for just mother and son with no other noise or distractions. And the middle of the night is a little bit fascinating for me. Several times we watched storms come and go around 3am. And when there is a full moon, we can see it out the front windows while he eats. Nothing like moonlight on the baby's cheeks...

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