Tuesday, May 13, 2008

no, no

So JT is quite the expert crawler now. He's well into the curious phase also. You can imagine what that means... we say NO a lot now. Let me tell the story of last Friday evening, Pioneer Woman style, with lots of photos.

It was raining cats and dogs outside. It had been a long week, with a sick, feverish baby and we were tired. So we were trying to lounge around while waiting on the pizza delivery. Not JT... this was prime exploration time. Here he is tasting the tv stand:

So after saying "No," "no, no," and "no, JT," multiple times, Dada gets up and removes JT from the tv stand.

JT wanders over to the coffee table and tries to grab whatever he can reach (scrapbook, magazine, some crumbs). Dada tells him no multiple times and then finally removes him from the source of trouble.

You can imagine what happens next. JT wanders from the coffee table to the fireplace. Dada tells him no multiple times and then gets up to place the baby in a more suitable location.

The pizza arrived. We ate. Then we bathed baby boy and he was off to bed, postponing exploration and discovery to another day.

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