Monday, May 05, 2008

this baby right now

football star
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Right now, at almost 10 months old, this baby...

- Likes strings. Strings on toys are ok, but Mama's shoelaces are the bomb.
- Grunts and yells at us. Oh, he may not "cry" ever... but we get "yelled at" plenty. I'll be glad when he learns some words to express himself.
- Crawls all over the place. He follows us all over the house. Especially into the bathroom.
- Kicks his feet and grunts when I pick him up at the sitter. I need to be picking him up and kissing him RIGHT NOW.
- Loves the swing at the park. He is the noisiest baby on the swingset.
- Grabs your mouth when you try to sing him to sleep. Ok, I get the hint, I'll quit singing.
- Gets so sleepy, but fights sleep hard. Tonight he wrestled, literally wrestle-mania style wrestled with sleep.
- Likes to play catch with his Dada. Here's video proof.

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