Tuesday, March 13, 2007

as exciting as watching paint dry

You know it's an exciting life when all I can talk about is drywall and paint. Hey, I've moved on from wood and electricity, right?

The basement remodel continues. We got drywall at the end of last week and since Sunday John has been painting our new walls. Check out the new photos on Flickr.

I spent the weekend with my mom... it was all about hanging out and going for walks. 4 miles each day - yahoo! Saturday morning was unbelievably (and unexpectedly) nice. We went for a walk and then had breakfast on the deck before the rain started. Can you believe it - we not only were able to be outside without freezing, but it was actually comfortable to sit in the sun and eat outside!

The only constructive thing we did was cover the old rocking chair will go in JT's room.
The chair was my Grandma's, then my Mom's. My dad was rocked in the chair, my aunts and uncles, me, my brother. It's not all that pretty... but it's in good shape and with a new turquoise chair pad... it should be rockin'. Alas, the chair is still at Mom's house, so photos will have to wait. Plus, I'm not ready to talk nursery yet... we're working on the basement right now, remember?

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