Tuesday, March 06, 2007

update on a few things

Here is the latest baby update...

How far along: 22 weeks.
Last time I yacked: Still, Christmas day.
Last thing I smelled with my super-smelling abilities:
Last bit of food I snarled my nose at for no reason: This is getting better... but really, chicken is out and seafood is in lately.
Last thing I craved: Chocolate craving is back with a vengeance. Oh, you know those little yellow cake donuts with the gelatinous chocolate coating? They have been having those at church sometimes... they are lucky I don't eat the whole tray.
Pounds gained so far: Last week it was up to 6, but my pants were tighter today, so I am guessing a bit more.
Last time I felt the baby move: He started kicking where I could feel it about two weeks ago. (It's really very cool to know he's there and doing well.) Today I think he hardly slept at all. He kicked me at least once an hour. And his favorite new trick? Punching me in the bladder.
Latest annoying pregnancy symptom: Losing sensation in my limbs. I can't sit still too long without losing feeling in my legs. And night is the worst... I have to roll over every hour to get feeling back in the bottom leg.
Progress on the nursery: 0%. You may know, we are finishing our basement first. When it's finished, we'll clear out JT's room and get going on that.

So speaking of the basement... it has been framed and wired with electrical outlets and lights. The lights are great... it gives the room great ambience. John hung the insulation this week. The dudes are coming on Thursday to drywall. This weekend is painting. Last Sunday we chose a sectional sofa in a rich chocolate brown. It should be quite lovely, I'm excited to have a space ready for it. It was the smallest sectional we could find. We had restrictions on the entryway to the basement as well as the downstairs room itself being pretty small and narrow. Plus, we like the clean lines of this one... not overstuffed or otherwise ghastly in appearance (I'm picky on furniture, can you tell?) AND it has recliners on both ends. Can you guess where ma and pa are going to pass out after long days of toddler chasing?

I have been scrapping quite a bit lately, too. I was in a creative slump there for a while, but now I really feel like it's flowing. Tonight I scrapped with my friend Jenny for several productive hours. I am now 95% complete on a gift album that I promised in November and started in January. It should be done by this weekend... I'm pretty pumped about that. Maybe I'll post a few pics when it's ready... it's not totally ugly. :-)

That's all for tonight... I am off to bed. G'night.

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