Wednesday, March 07, 2007

remodeling the basement

We are remodeling our basement... I think I mentioned that yesterday. We are half doing it ourselves and half contracting the work. We had a contractor install glass block windows and we had 2 heating vents put in and a main heat duct reworked so it didn't drop as low into the room. We have framed it, wired it, and put up insulation. The drywall guys are coming tomorrow - yahoo - walls!

Check out the photos of progress so far.

Another exciting thing that happened today was the arrival, assembly, and installation of my new laundry shelf. Ok, act like it's not exciting. But my detergents have all been stored on the floor... it takes up a lot of space and is really inconvenient. So I ordered this shelf from Home Depot. It came today and John and I put it together and put it in place. Oh, and by the way, my laundry area isn't nearly as pretty as this photo. I'll take a photo of it when the drywall is done and we can uncover it.

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