Wednesday, March 28, 2007

week 25 status

How far along: 25 weeks.
Last thing I craved: Anything chocolate and GRAPES.
Pounds gained so far: haha. ha. ha. My last report was 6 lbs. Today it's 19. No more pans of brownies, I tell ya that!
Last time I felt the baby move: Oh he is kicking all the time.
Latest annoying pregnancy symptom: Gas. Not the smelly kind, but the kind that fills up your gut and causes PAIN.
Progress on the nursery: 5%. The basement is still the priority. But Mom and I did recover the rocking chair. It's lovely... can't wait to have a room in which to put it. And I think I mentioned that we ordered the crib, too.
What we're reading: I've started reading to JT at night. This week we are reading LullaBible that his Aunt Jen got him.
What we're listening to: JT likes singing to Ollabelle in the car. What can I say? His mom likes to belt it out in between bursts of road rage. :-)

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