Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm into group photos

For a long time I disliked group photos. They always seem so posed and the people all look so small. Plus, they reminded me of 4-H camp photos where someone always looks dumb.

Well, now I'm kind of into them. I like to have one now at every occasion. I like to have at least one photo that shows EVERYONE who was there.

This photo of our friends taken at a wedding in January is just such an example... Sure it's not perfect. Some eyes are closed, John is making a face, some are too serious... there is another version of the photo where the people who are off in this photo are on in the other one. And folks are missing... I was taking the photo and Becka was probably filling me up another plate of food. :-)

Anyway, I was just uploading some photos for printing (got scrappin' to do this weekend) and was thinking about this. Happy Friday and Happy Spring to all!

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