Thursday, April 12, 2007

what a week

Ugh. What a week. Here's the bad:
  • Computer died last Saturday. It's away for repair for another couple days. I miss it.
  • Basement still not done. Making me CRAZY. (You wondered what happened to basement photos, huh?!)
  • Weather has been cold. The flowers didn't make it. I'm holding out hope for a few of them, though.
  • I ordered maternity pants from Old Navy. They didn't fit, returned for exchange... they were OUT OF STOCK! (But I do have to say... hip, hip hooray to for $5 shipping and free returns/exchanges on maternity stuff. That is the right answer.)
  • The garage door opener broke. Boy that sucks.
  • Work is crazy.
There is plenty of good though:
Been doing a lot of scrapping. My friend Jenny is keeping me motivated! I highly recommend the free rubber stamping class at Archiver's. I'm not entirely new to stamping... but it was nice to learn a few new tricks like alcohol ink. Mmmm, might need some of that!

The baby boy has been a little womb-raiding ninja lately. He's kicking like crazy. It is so cool to be able to "interact" with him now. He's kicking hard enough that you can see and feel his kicks from the outside... very cool. And no pregnancy issues... very thankful for that.

oooh, my husband just made me a sundae... gotta go. :-)

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Susannah said...

Hey! I was telling your mom yesterday that you hadn't posted for a while. It's good to get an update.

Have you ever thought about creating scrap-like personal greeting cards? You have probably already done this, but just thought I'd ask.