Sunday, April 15, 2007

little clothes are so cute

Yesterday I went to a community "baby items sale" with one of my girlfriends. Hilarious to see women with strollers line up outside before it opens so they can get first dibs on "stuff"! Not wanting to miss anything ourselves, though... we were right there in that line.

I have no clue what we are going to need. There are a few obvious things like crib, stroller, car seat, bottles, etc... that I can think of. But for the most part, when confronted with a gymnasium full of baby stuff, I end up with a few articles of clothing and a well-worn Green Eggs and Ham. Oh, and I did get a mirror to put in the car so I can see JT's face when he's in the rear-facing position. We'll see if being able to stare at my baby while driving is a good or bad idea. :-)

And today, the most exciting thing I've done is wash all the little clothes I got at the sale. It's the first time ever washing baby's clothes... awww. They are so little and so cute. I just stare and them and imagine the little bundle of joy that will fit in them. As you can imagine, laundry is taking a little longer today than usual.

Saturday night John and I were laying on the couch watching tv, or rather passing out on the couch denying how tired we really were. Well, JT pretty much did a total 360 in utero that woke both of us up!

In other updates... The Apple support line says my computer has been repaired and is in transit back to the store. Let's hope they call soon. I'm going through mac withdrawal. And the basement remains behind schedule. So the schedule keeps changing. But there has been much progress this weekend on the ceiling. I find that I am slightly less stressed when there is visible progress.

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