Tuesday, April 17, 2007

being present for just a moment

Ali Edwards mentioned this Washington Post story on her blog today: Pearls Before Breakfast. I read it. It's a very long article. But I've read the whole thing and recommend it to everyone. It actually made me tear up to think that we are so busy and wrapped up in the day to day that we wouldn't notice a masterpiece blaring right in front of our noses. And I wondered as I read it which person I would be. As much as I want to be the person standing along the wall taking in the moment, I think I'd probably be the person barely noticing there is something different going on. And isn't that enough to make you cry? That life, art, and beauty presents itself every day and you just don't have time for it?

Oh and don't get me started on the mom who stands between her son and the musician so he can stay focused on getting where they need to go. That's probably me, too. How sad that we suck the creativity out of our kids' lives. I have made a mental note on it right now for JT's sake. (Yes, even though he's going to be a football player, his mother still thinks it's important to develop his creativity!)

Speaking of JT, he's 28 weeks today. He's doing well. He kicked his dad in the head tonight and we've taken two walks today. (Who knew a fetus could have such a busy day?!)

My computer was supposed to be away for a week getting repaired. Since it's been "in transit" since Saturday, I decided to actually talk to a person about it today. Apparently, it's lost. I am trying not to think what that means. It had better get found and back into my hands soon. I'm not sure if I mentioned or not... but I really miss it!

I'm starting to feel better about the basement, so I can actually mention it again without having a breakdown. John has been working with a contractor since Saturday to get the CeilingMax installed. Don't let their video fool you, it's not exactly like playing with Legos. There are mathematical calculations, measuring, geometry, etc. in a ceiling tile installation. It's just a few hours from being completely finished. I'll post some photos when it's 100% and all the debris is cleaned up. I've postponed the couch delivery twice now. I'm hoping we can finish up the last few items by next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

And don't forget to read Pearls Before Breakfast. Print it out and take it with you, read it in bits... just read it. Does it apply to your life at all? Which person are you... do you rush by hardly noticing? Notice and toss some change his way? Or do you stop and listen to the whole performance?


john_mcneal said...

whaddup stacia?!??! i had a friend email me the 'pearls before breakfast' article and after haircut telling me she read about it on your blog i decided to read it for myself. i wonder which person i'd be too. i "borrowed" text that you wrote and put it on our blog. check it out. if you don't like me using your words... i'll see you in court.

john_mcneal said...

hey look. after i post one comment it takes me right back to the same page so i can post another comment. it's kinda like a box of tissue. no matter how many you take another one pops up.

john_mcneal said...

... whoa dude.

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