Wednesday, April 25, 2007

pizza bagels

I'm working too much to have much interesting to blog about. But tonight I actually made time to make dinner. So while I was at it, I snapped a few shots to share with you. (And I say why the heck not snap photos of what you eat!? It's part of our heritage, right? I mean, I don't think either of my grandmothers were much into pizza bagels back in the 1950s.)
There is no time for dinner. When things are less hectic, we're more into meal planning. For the past two weeks, I've been on a taco salads and pizza bagels kick. I know... poor John. Has to eat the same thing all the time. Whutever.

Really, don't feel bad for him. He LOVES the pizza bagels. I tried them once on a whim and he fell in love. Lucky for me, he likes the stuff that's easy to make and the harder stuff he usually could live without. So I'll tell ya how we make pizza bagels here. They are QUITE delish...

The shopping list:
  • 1 package of refrigerator bagels (I usually buy the Lender's whole wheat variety)
  • pepperoni
  • pizza sauce
  • mozzerella (I buy it in a block and shred it myself, it melts better that way)
  • banana peppers
  • fresh mushrooms (you could buy the ones in the jar... but fresh work well)
  • can of sliced or chopped black olives
  • onion (I happened to have some scallions leftover from the previous night's taco salads)

Preheat oven to 365 F. Split the bagels into halves, lay on baking stone or pan. (Usually one bagel serves on person.) Shred cheese, set aside. Spread pizza sauce over each bagel half. Line with pepperoni. Add other toppings. Top with cheese. Bake for 20 minutes.

We like different things on our pizzas... so usually John has banana peppers on his and I have black olives and onions on mine. Great meal for kids... they can top their own!

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Becka said...

Perfect! Now I am hungry. . .better add that stuff to my shopping list.