Sunday, April 22, 2007

showered with love

Dear JT,

Your mommy and daddy's closest friends had a shower for you today. I hope you realize how much love surrounds you. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends. We are sitting at home now surrounded by all these wonderful gifts for you thinking that we are spoiled, spoiled (and so are you!).

Three hours seemed like it flew by today. I love, LOVE having all our friends in the same place. It is the most wonderful feeling. We are so lucky to know and be loved by SO MANY caring, beautiful, and talented people. It touches our hearts to know that these people will be an influence in your life as you grow up.

And in case you were ever going to ask us why we live where we do... these folks are the number one reason we live here. Your aunts Jenny and Becka threw you such a wonderful party today... your dad and I are still on such a high from the whole afternoon!

Everyone sends you their love... especially your mom and dad!

Hugs & kisses, baby boy...

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Becka said...

Aunt Becka and Aunt Jen had lots of help from all the other Aunts and Uncles as well! JT you are going to be loved by all! You have super parents and are very lucky!