Friday, June 13, 2008

anniversary get-away

Reds/Cardinals June 12, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

The hubz and I had a good time in Cincinnati for our anniversary get-away. It would have been better without the rash that turned me into a "speckled trout" and the head cold, but we had some fun anyway.

We saw James Taylor on Wednesday night. We sat by an older couple who has three kids, Bob and Mary. Their tickets were her mother's day gift. Awww. Halfway through the concert, Bob asks us, "So, you guys really love JT?" I am thinking, "How does he know our kid's name?!" lol... he meant "James Taylor".

As it turns out, I have been to a James Taylor concert before... with my aunt & uncle and parents when I was about JT's age. We all sat on the lawn at a show at Blossom in Cleveland.

We visited Ikea in West Chester during the day on Thursday. I got some lights for our bedroom and we found a couple cute things for JT for his birthday. Wow is that store big.

Thursday evening we went to the Reds/Cardinals game. John is a St. Louis Cardinals fan. After winning 10-0 the night before, they lost when we were there. And John's favorite player, Pujols was out with an injury. It was fun to go to a game though... we can't wait to take JT someday. There were lots of little boys and girls there in total awe of the event.

We spent a lot of time talking about nothing in particular. It's been about a year since we checked in with one another on topics like politics and favorite music. And after three days of sharing, we still like each other. :-)

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