Sunday, June 22, 2008

vacation comes to an end

14/52, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

We are so sad to be heading back to work tomorrow. Our vacation was awesome. We spent the week "camping" at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, SC. We rented a car and drove down. We stayed with my aunt and uncle in their motor home.

My Aunt Joan and Uncle Wayne are such great hosts. We had the best home-cooked meals and desserts. Coffee brewed every morning before JT got us up. He slept in their room where Joan played soothing music in dim light... it was like a spa in the back of the RV!

I started processing the pictures yesterday. I am still not through all of tthem. There are over 300 yet to examine. Oi.

JT signed "more" to me today. My heart leaped! We've been signing for about 6 months now. We aren't as diligent with it as we could be. I know he understands some of the signs, such as milk, more, and done. But today was the first time he busted one out on me in the appropriate context. I was feeding him dinner: chicken stew, fruit medley, and milk. He had finished the chicken and I was feeding him the fruit. He didn't want any fruit right then, he wanted milk. He looked right at the milk and signed "more". Granted, he could have asked for "milk", but we'll take what we can get, ok? It was a very pleasant meal. He didn't yell at me at all.

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