Saturday, June 07, 2008

love this age

When John and I were dating I went through a phase of growing my hair out long. We only saw each other every other weekend or so. Every time he'd say, "I like your hair that length right there. You should keep it like that." Well, he said that every weekend, and every weekend it was different.

Now I find myself saying that about JT. "I like 6 months old. It's my favorite baby age." Now I am loving 11 months old. (Yes, officially 11 months old on Monday - can't believe it!) He is so awesome now. Sure, I could do without the biting and the "stranger danger," as John calls it. But he's so fun and lovable.

My dad stopped by to visit today. It's amazing to see JT recognize my parents and get crazy excited about them. When Dad left, JT run-crawled over to the door and smiled and waved to Grandpa through the side window. Then he watched Grandpa pull the truck out of the driveway and drive away. Awww... doesn't that just melt your heart?!

Another big thing today... he pronounced mom-mom. I've only been asking him to say it for about 4 months now. He randomly babbled it twice at nap time today. I'll give him a week, and he better be calling for me by name. :-)

I bought some Photoshop actions for Photoshop Elements (PSE) today. I'm so excited about these. It's the "Colorful Actions for PSE" set by Mindy Bush. Here is a sample photo comparing my original image, the color saturation, and vanilla black and white actions.

We had a good day. JT took a great morning nap (almost 3 hours!) and a respectable afternoon nap. (Yes, length of JT's naps is a way to measure a good day.) He and I hit the neighborhood yard sales this morning and made a good haul. I got a nap this afternoon, which was nice because I'm now battling the cold JT had earlier in the week. John got us gyros for dinner from The Big Fat Greek Kuzina. And finally, we met up with the McKeans for playtime at Homestead Park and ice cream.

And now I think I'm off to bed. I usually stay up late crafting on the weekends, but with this cold, I just don't have it in me. N-night.

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