Monday, June 30, 2008


uh-oh! A big gator!, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

We drove overnight to South Carolina on our vacation. We arrived at Huntington Beach around 5:30am, when it was still dark. When you drive into the park, you cross over a tidal marsh on the way to the campground. The marsh is FULL of alligators. Since we drove into the park before daylight, John and JT didn't know about our park neighbors right away. Hee hee.

In the evenings, after playing on the beach all day, we walked along the causeway to the overlooks to watch the alligators. I'm not sure JT was very impressed with them. He's more of a cuddly bunnies and kitties kind of baby. This picture was taken at Brookgreen Gardens' wildlife park. This gator was huge! JT definitely noticed him.

JT loves all kinds of animals. It's so cool to see him find out what's out there. We caught sand fleas on the beach and put in his bucket so he could re-catch them. He managed to get one in his grimy little paw and then tried to eat it of course! My uncle fishes the beach. He caught a small sand shark. JT got to feel its skin. And then he grabbed onto it and wanted to taste it. We sent it back out to sea to save it from babyzilla! One morning after his breakfast, I caught a grasshopper from the picnic table. He thought it was very interesting, and as expected, managed to knock off its legs trying to eat it.

We may need start introducing him to some animals that aren't bite-sized...

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