Tuesday, May 09, 2006

finding that Zen place

The hubby and I are back to playing tennis. We took some lessons this spring. Which was fun, because we didn't get to do stuff like that together when we were dating... being as we had an LDR (long distance relationship) and all. HOWEVER... now that he knows how to really serve, he's way better than me. I have no chance against him. We love playing together, but I need to get better by leaps and bounds to keep us having good volleys at least. But I'm looking forward to a summer full of tennis anyway.

Tonight on the way home from yoga, Jenny and I were discussing our special group of girlfriends. We've been a group for several years. We've always known that we have a special friendship amongst our little circle. Last year challenged the very fabric of our friendship and we held fast and most likely even strengthened the bonds that hold us together. More recently, folks have been noticing how special this group is. Jenny and I both heard "you have such a great group of friends" from different people from a weekend event. Well, that's the heart and soul of our group shining through in every situation. They're my zen place. :-)

I'm getting psyched to finish the honeymoon scrapbook I've been working on lately. I'm gearing up for summer activities outdoors. Looking forward to getting more exercise and TAKING PHOTOS! I've been working so hard to become a better photographer... and it finally feels like I'm getting somewhere. And next week... my Photoshop Elements class will hopefully make me a better digital scrapbooker, too!

C'est la vie for now...

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