Saturday, May 20, 2006


19. Unbelievable
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We did a photographic scavenger hunt around Windsor today. This was our list:

1. House of Worship
2. Good Things
3. Small Packages
4. Change
5. Fragrance
6. Media
7. On The Road
8. Unusual
9. Paper
10. Group
11. In The Sky
12. Indulgence
13. Trend
14. In The News
15. Animal
16. Broken
17. Structure
18. Fresh Food
19. Unbelievable
20. Rock
21. Cameraphone
22. Street Lights
23. Celebrate
24. Fun
25. Black and White
26. Noise

Can I say... this was a TON of fun! It was the perfect list for this trip.

We started the day with coffee (of course). And then we happened by the Windsor Visitor's Bureau where we totally got the hook-up on what to see and do. We had lunch at Patrick O'Ryan's, a cool Irish pub. Then we walked along the riverfront where we actually took most of the pictures today. We buzzed into the Casino just long enough to lose a little bit of money each. We knew that our "indulgence" photos were going to be a little dessert outing, so we did that on the way back to our hotel at a little place called Plunkett's.

Back at the room, just enough time to upload the pics, blog a little, and get ready for an evening out!

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