Tuesday, May 09, 2006

moving in

moving in
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This is my favorite photo of late. I think it's a little busy... but then I like the stories it has to tell, too. And I like the contrast of the bright blue against the blah background. There is a stick crossilng the foreground, an ant crawling around, a green leaf just to the left, and a fallen honeysuckle flower in the bottom right.

I have been wanting a photo or some art work for the guest room. The room is painted "Almond Nut". It's basically light brown or beige. The accents in there are blue and lavender. I purchased some wall words that proclaim "Carpe Diem" for that room. I think that's fitting to use with this photo, no? Bust out of your shell... leave it for the ants... and get going! Life is too short to stay too long in one place.

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