Saturday, May 06, 2006

it's a RAGE SALE!

WHY am I up at oh my god o'clock on a Saturday?! My nephew and my mother woke me up for the GARAGE SALE... that's why. The garage sale is an annual thing now. My brother and sister-in-law show up with their jeep loaded to the gills and mom and I throw in our stuff and it's a party. Mom was playing techno music in the garage yesterday. We found the first year that sales improved dramatically when we added music. That year we were selling a record player and it was actually a ploy to inspire the sale of that one item. It worked... we only had music for about 30 minutes until it was sold and driven away.

Our garage sale is pretty popular with the locals, too. We're known for our dirt cheap prices. And we're so wal-mart, we don't even care if we sell grandma's antiques for 50 cents. Theresa brought all her 1980s toys this year. Those are sure to be a hit! And this year we lucked out and planned our sale for the same day as the community yard sale in my mom's town. Dad is surely sad to be missing this event... he's in Oklahoma.

Mom and I played portrait photographers yesterday. That's my goal this weekend... to practice taking portaits. I'm normally into nature and inanimate objects. They are so much easier... they don't whine and they don't move. I can take a thousand shots at a time and nature/objects just let me do it. So the problem with people photography is that you have to train the subjects to be good models. Or otherwise trick or surprise them into being such. Not to say that I'm a very good model myself... hehehe....
Ok... brother is out putting up the sign. Gotta go sell some junk...

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