Wednesday, April 09, 2008

9 months

Just a quick post to tell you that JT is nine months old today! It also means that I've had 9 months to lose the weight I gained in that same amount of time. Well, I am within three pounds. I'm gonna go ahead and be pretty pleased with that and just keep working on it. My fat to muscle ratio is certainly not the same because three pounds is not going to get me back into my old pants. So... more cardio, more yoga, and maybe some chasing of a toddler soon...

John took today off so he and JT could have a play date. They played some new games they made up. Apparently JT made some good attempts at crawling today, too.

JT had his check-up with the doctor today. He is 20.3 pounds and 29 inches tall. He got one shot and did not cry. He puckered, gave the medical assistant a sneer, but did not cry! The doctor also spied an incisor coming in on his top row of teeth.

For the third night this week, we went for a walk. JT just jabbers and waves (only at vans). Pretty much everything he did tonight I thought was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I gave him a teething biscuit to munch on while we ate our dinner. He loved it. He held onto it with a death grip and cried when John tasted a bite of it. LOL! Possessive much?

We took some pictures and videos tonight, but I'll have to post another time. I'm too tired to download them tonight.

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