Wednesday, April 02, 2008

scrap happy

I'm Scrap Happy, how 'bout you?, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

I attended the Memories Scrapbooking Expo last Saturday. My mom, JT, and Jenny all went together. We were limited a bit by JT's nap schedule, so we only saw a few booths.

One of the best booths with all the hippest and coolest stuff was Scrap Happy. And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased! Jenny's cousin Susie is the owner. You might remember, we attended a crop sponsored by Scrap Happy at the beginning of March. There's another one coming up in October... sign up now!

Anyhow... pictured are a few of my purchases. Seems a bit colorless, eh? I'm going to get into these acrylic albums, really I am. I'm still thinking about exactly what I want to do with them. And I like this set because it has some smaller pieces I can play with on other pages to get a feel for it.

Jenny handed me the velvet thickers. She pretty much made me buy them. lol. It's cool... I like them. I can see them on a really rich background color... wouldn't they just POP? Like a rich red Christmas layout with a creamy velvet title. Yum. And if I start running out of letters, I'll go scrap with Jenny since she has the same set.

The chipboard birds were an impulse buy. I like birds, ok? Back off!

I don't think my mom gets it about the scrapbooking obsession. She just shakes her head. "So how much were those stickers?" "They're velvet? Is that why you like them?" "So what do you do with these clear things?"

Being the techie-nana that she is, she understands the lure of digital scrapbooking much better... :-)

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