Thursday, April 03, 2008

the games scrappers play

So I mentioned that we had a little crop at Jenny's house last Friday. She found an idea for a game in a magazine. I think the magazine was Scrapbook Play. The game was a lot like the poker game, Craps.

Each scrapper rolls the dice. Whatever number you get, that's how many items you can use on your layout aside from your photos, journaling, and adhesive. Each piece of paper counts, inking the edges of your paper counts as one, and each embellishment is one. There are "bonus points" awarded if you can use the name of the roll in your title or journaling (for example, double 1s is "snake eyes"... yeah right, try to fit that into your family scrapbook!)

So I rolled a 7, a natural. The photos I was scrapping were these pics of JT that Carol took for us when JT was wee little (like 3-4 weeks old). I had a picture of his little toes and a picture of his little hand clutched around one of our fingers.

Here is the resulting page:

LO: Natural Boy

Journaling reads, "JT... you were more beautiful than we had ever dreamed you could be. You had bright, alert eyes that melted our hearts day after day. OH! How we love you!"

My 7 items:
  1. Background cardstock
  2. Letter punch-outs
  3. Needed an extra "A", so I had to use another piece of paper. (Snap!)
  4. Frame for the large photo
  5. Paper behind small photos
  6. "BOY" die cut
  7. Inked edges of layout
And I get bonus points because I used "natural" in my title! Scrapbooking is fun again!! haha!

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Mardi said...

Stacy your are an excellent blogger! Susie finally updated her blog, check it out!

I had so much fun scrapping with you and Jen!