Sunday, April 20, 2008

frosty times

Frosty Times, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

JT and I spent the night at my mom's house. He had a fabulous day playing with Nana! She has a blow-up globe that is bigger than he is... he played with that all over the place. He also spent a lot of time playing peak-a-boo with Nana. Good times.

When he went to bed, I got some time with my mom. She teaches digital scrapbooking classes. How convenient, I'm a digital scrapbooker! lol. Can you believe we've never sat down and done anything together? Sometimes she helps me out with phone support when I need to know how to do something, but that's been the extent of it.

So this weekend, she taught me how to make eyelets, buttons, metal frames, etc. And I learned a few useful things like transferring layers between files and how to draw a perfect circle.

Now I can take my digi-scrappin' to a whole new level. This page was my practice page for learning stuff. So after all the training I applied my new skills by finishing it up and adding embellishments. Pay close attention to all those eyelets... don't they look real? And can you believe I didn't even need a crop-a-dile?!

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