Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Study finds that "green thumbs" actually live happier lives

the redbud flower bed, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

Haha... I'm continuing the "news headlines as blog subjects." I never said they were going to be true...

Here is the follow-up picture of what I got done on Saturday after JT and I got some flowers from Strader's. Click on the photo to go to flickr for more details.

This flower bed is beside our driveway. There are two large evergreen shrubs that take up most of the bed. They are nasty. I trimmed them back pretty good the last time I was outside, so they might be tamed enough to live on another year.

The rest of the bed was pretty much overtaken with weeds. It took longer to dig up weeds than anything else. I added some compost to the soil, planted the stuff, and covered with mulch.

I'm trying to get the candytuft to take off. It is just beautiful when it blooms in a sea of bright white. The rest of the summer it will be a nice dark green. So much of it got scraggly and lost leaves last summer though. I found a few pieces of it growing in random places around the house, so I transplanted those to the front to combine with the new candytuft plants I bought.

If the lemon coral sedum and the little dark-leaf plant would take off, I might really have something nice going there in the way of perennials. And the Gerbera daisy? I just liked it... I will be lucky if it survives any time at all.

The tulips and lilac bushes survived last night... I don't think we got any frost here. They actually looked worse the day before. So I am still enjoying those to the fullest. I love this time of year... there is nothing like all this new growth and showy blossoming!

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