Thursday, April 24, 2008

it gets done

in the produce aisle, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

JT and I went for a walk tonight. We've been doing that every night that it's nice out. I really can't imagine staying inside with him. We usually end up at the swings - he loves swinging.

Tonight we cruised around the neighborhood though. I wish I'd worn better shoes, he was so chilled out and relaxed. He kept pulling himself up to look around better. He likes to throw a hand up and wave at cars, people, shrubbery. And if we pass someone working in their yard, he stares at them until they're completely out of sight. I love a curious baby... even if it means I have to keep a constant eye on him.

John stayed behind and mowed the yard. I looks lovely, darling.

After some dinner, John and JT headed for the bath and I went to the grocery store. That's how I operate... solo on a week night when the grocery store isn't crowded. Lordy, gas and groceries are so expensive right now!

I got JT a couple things at Old Navy today. The clothes for me were a disappointment. I did try on one shirt that I really liked at the top. But it was short and boxy. I left there thinking, "I can make that." And then, "I want to make that." And then, "Heck, if I make one and it turns out, I'll probably want to make a few more." And then I thought, "Wonder if I can make a sleeveless shirt out of fine wale corduroy?" Ok, so that thought train derailed a bit!

So I may try to insert this project ahead of the other sewing projects on my list. We'll see... I could really use the other projects for sewing practice before I start making clothes.

How was your Thursday?

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