Tuesday, July 15, 2008

birthday week

JT opening GG's present, originally uploaded by brungrrl.

The past week has been non-stop birthday preparation and celebration, it seems. I just downloaded 178 pictures from the camera that need triaged, sorted, and edited. There are still pictures from fourth of July to process as well. Good thing I like pictures enough that it's a task I can't wait to have time for!

My Photo jojo time capsule showed up today flaunting the photos I uploaded this time last year. Wouldn't you know it was pictures of our brand new bundle of joy? He sure was a sweet little thing. I won't kid though, I'm glad we are past the newborn phase.

We had a gorgeous day for his party. It stopped raining and the skies cleared up JUST in time for it. We had lots of sweet guests who made for a wonderful day of visiting. JT got a ton of presents. He has so many toys and books, I hope we can thoroughly enjoy each before he outgrows them. His favorite gift was the tricycle. The wagon is a very close second. His dad's favorite gift was the sprinkler for outdoor water fun. They tried it out tonight.

Tonight I made some mango-pear sauce for JT. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Those were some amazing pieces of organic fruit that were all exactly the right stage of ripe. If he doesn't like it, I'll just have to eat these cubes myself.

And with that, I'm pooped. Off to bed. Ni-ni.

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