Wednesday, July 23, 2008

lime juice

Tonight was girls' night out with the Fork gang. We ate at Cafe Shish Kebab, Turkish cuisine. It was very good... I'd recommend it!

I picked up my new polarizing filter tonight. Very excited about it! The outdoor photo at right was taken with the filter. I definitely did not have enough time to play with it tonight.

Also picked up my long-ago reserved copy of The Creative Family from the library. I'm very excited to process the ideas in this book. The projects might be geared for kids a bit older, but it never hurts to plant the seed.

Even though I missed Bible study tonight to hang out with the girls, I am still working on my reading and journaling. With the new lighting in our bedroom, I can keep it at my bedside as an easy reminder.

While I was at Fork tonight, John and JT went to the grocery store. Apparently JT was peeved that John kept putting everything out of reach. So John gave him a bottle of lime juice for entertainment. Mind you, we didn't need lime juice and he didn't intend to buy it. Well, I guess when they got to the checkout, JT screamed when John handed the lime juice to the cashier for scanning. And that was the only time he let it out of his sight. Weirdo.


Lynn said...

Lucas has to hold the turkey we get from the deli every time we are shopping. JT is not weird-he knows how important citrus is in the diet:)

Stacy said...

lol, Lynn. I should be glad it wasn't a $25 bottle of wine, I guess. Or... since hubby was shopping, maybe I should wish it WAS!