Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one year old

The photo is from a month ago... one that I didn't get posted. JT was watching for bunnies in the backyard. That usually entertains him for a while. Here's what he's into at one year old:
  • Says uh-oh, mom-mom, dada, woof, vroom, O-OH (hello into a phone), and ni-ni (night-night). Yes, I count all these as actual words.
  • Signs more, all done, eat, and milk (sometimes)
  • Made up his own sign for "talk on the phone" where he pats his mouth.
  • Pushes the hippo walker all over the house at a high rate of speed. And sometimes he pushes the laundry basket in the same manner.
  • Reads books. He loves the touchy-feely books and the ones with pictures of real people or vehicles. He'll sit in a big pile of books turning pages while I get his dinner ready.
  • Wraps himself around my legs. He's in a mama's boy phase. He cries for me... endearing on the one hand, kinda sad on the other.
  • Walks while holding my fingers in each hand. Tonight I thought he was asking "Huh" for maybe "hand" or "hold". Not sure... He definitely doesn't think he's ready to let go yet though.
  • Loves motorcycles. Tonight at the park I had to drag him away kicking and screaming from a kid's bicycle that looked like a motorcycle.
  • Screams at the top of his lungs over puppies, kitties, bunnies... wants nothing to do with a cow or horse though. We found this out at the county fair.
  • Bangs on pots and pans while I work in the kitchen. And he still loves the storage containers. Tonight he spent a very long time matching up lids to bottoms.
  • Waves to cars going by or random people in the park or at the grocery store. Oh, he also waved at a tree on our little walk with the hippo tonight.
  • Likes big "squeeze" hugs where I squeeze him really tight and shake him from side to side. His version of giving me the same hug is stretching his arms out and then shaking his face side-to-side against my shirt, leaving a large drool deposit in the process. I can live with that. *love*

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