Tuesday, July 08, 2008

cottage cheese

Now there is a blog post title I never thought I'd write. Hehe.

The boys are both asleep and the house is totally quiet. An hour ago I could think of nothing but sleep myself, but now I'm relishing the quiet time. I will regret in the morning.

JT is asserting his independence lately. I guess when you learn how to walk on your own, you are pretty much on your own, right? Bah.

He has been turning down new foods not so much because he doesn't like them, but because they arrive at his mouth on a spoon handled by his mother. He'd much rather feed himself. Oh, but wait. He can't use a spoon. Minor detail.

So last night after failed attempts to feed him some cottage cheese. I just let him have the bowl while I finished my dinner. Once again, I thought, "I will regret this, I'm sure."

He picked up the bowl.

eatin' cottage cheese

Stuck his hand in it.

eatin' cottage cheese

He scooped up some cottage cheese. And ate it.

eatin' cottage cheese

He did this 3 or 4 times. "Sweet... he got some more nutrition in him," I think to myself. Then he performed a scientific experiment testing a hypothesis on gravity.

eatin' cottage cheese

He finds once again that gravity is always at work and everything he lets go over the side of the high chair does indeed hit the floor. And the wall. And the carpet.

We decided to go for a walk after this. I think there is still some cottage cheese around here...

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