Thursday, July 10, 2008

first year

I have been finishing JT's first year album. I made this scrapbook-in-a-tin before he was born. I've not been good about updating it. I usually sit down and try to remember the past month or two. Luckily I keep a journal with the sitter of random things he's into. And there is also the blog and photos to help me remember. Someday I will be glad for all these little reminders.

Here is the outside of the tin:

LO: my first year

Inside I have these little cards, one per month, with space for a wallet-size photo. There is only space for a couple words per day. Easy commitment, eh? At this moment, I am happy to say, I have filled in every single day for the whole year. I'm about to head downstairs to find my glue stick and affix the photos to the pages. The tin will make its debut at his birthday party.

LO: my first year

Because everyone wants to know that he went out for Japanese food on February 2 and played in the snow on March 9. I'll post some pictures of the finished project soon. In the words of JT, ni-ni.

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